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Professional Development Providers
The Arkansas Department of Education's Professional Development Submission & Management system is the official repository for approved courses for attaining professional development credits. If you or your organization are interested in providing professional development training for Arkansas educators, you may register your organization and professional development courses within PDSAM.
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If you are an Arkansas educator or School Board Member in search of Professional Development course opportunities, you may search PDSAM for information on currently approved PD providers and courses.

K-12 Professional Development

ADE PD Rules

Prior to completing an application for ADE approval of Professional Development designed for K-12 licensed Arkansas educators:

  1. Please read ADE’s Rules Governing Professional Development and Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning
  2. Your application must explain how your proposed professional development relates to both Arkansas Curriculum Standards and Standards for Professional Learning. Note: Your application cannot be processed until this information is provided in your application.
  3. ADE ID Professional Development Codes expire June 30th of each year. ADE Approved PD Providers may post new applications for the upcoming year anytime after May 1st.

Arkansas School Board Member Training


Prior to completing applications for ADE approval of Arkansas School Board Member Trainings, please read and refer to:
  1. Rules Governing Required Training for School Board Members, May 2020:
  2. Exhibit A: a digital version of Exhibit A should be copied, completed, and proofread before information is pasted or typed into the appropriate sections of a School Board training Application in PDSAM.
  3. ADE ID Arkansas School Board Member Training Codes expire December 31st. Applications may be posted after November 1st for the subsequent training year.
  4. SCHOOL BOARD TRAINING may be provided to Arkansas School Board members by an Institution of Higher Learning in this state, by programs sponsored and approved by the ADE, or by an in-service training program conducted by or through the Arkansas School Boards Association.

Becoming a Provider

Assurances Training

To learn more about becoming an approved professional development provider, watch this video: